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    Housing Choice Voucher Program Rental Assistance


    The Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program under contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This program enables very-low income families to obtain decent, safe, and affordable housing on the private market. HACP currently assists over 600 very-low income households with Section 8 rental assistance in the city of Pocatello.

    To be eligible for assistance, applicants must qualify under HUD established income limits as well as other eligibility criteria established by HACP. Program participants contribute between 30% to 40% of their monthly adjusted gross income towards rent and utilities, while HACP pays the difference in the contract rent directly to the landlord.

    Due to the large demand for rental assistance in the community, and a limited amount of funding, applicants are placed on a waiting list for assistance. The waiting list time for voucher assistance is approximately 24-36 months, depending upon funding received by HACP.

    INCOME LIMITS (at least 75% of admissions must be within 30% of median income for Section 8 Programs)
    Effective 12-11-12

    # Persons




























    Very Low


















    Low / 236


















    Pinewood & Kats


    $17450 /


    $20000 /


    $22450 /


    $24950 /


    $26950 /


    $28950 /



    Add 8% of the 4-person base for each additional person
    (i.e., 7 persons is 124%, 8 is 132%, 9 is 140%, 10 is 148%, etc.)

    How the Program Works

  • Applicants are placed on a waiting list and selected for rental assistance according to time and date of application
  • Single persons must be elderly, disabled, pregnant, in the process of securing legal custody of a minor, or displaced to qualify
  • As the applicant approaches the top of the waiting list, all eligibility criteria must be verified
  • When an opening becomes available, the eligible applicant is issued a Voucher with an assigned number of bedrooms they qualify for and authorizes them to find housing for rental assistance(may be a house, mobile home, apartment, or their present housing)
  • A unit must be selected within 120 days which is the maximum search time allowed
  • The unit must pass inspection by the PHA and the rent must be reasonable based on comparable units in the unassisted market
  • When a unit is approved, the landlord and tenant must sign a lease, and the landlord must sign a contract with the PHA in order to receive assistance payments
  • The tenant must pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities and the PHA subsidizes up to the payment standard
  • Subsidy and tenant-paid amounts are subject to change during tenancy due to changes in income and other factors
  • The landlord and tenant must comply with the lease and all program requirements throughout assisted tenancy
  • The lease is for one year and after the initial year it extends on a month to month basis
  • Assistance ends with termination of the lease by the landlord or tenant, or termination of the contract by the PHA

    Effective 10-01-2012






















    (add 15% to 4 bedroom FMR/PS per each extra bedroom to compute for more bedrooms)

  • Payment standards are used to calculate the maximum housing assistance for families

  • If the unit selected by the family has less bedrooms than assigned, the payment standard for the lessor number of bedrooms is used
  • If the unit has the assigned number of bedrooms or more, the payment standard for the assigned number of bedrooms is used
  • If rent and utilities (gross rent) are less than the applicable payment standard, gross rent becomes the payment standard
  • If rent and utilities (gross rent) exceed the applicable payment standard, the family may pay the difference to make up a certain amount
  • The family may not pay more than a total of 40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities

    Benefits for Eligible Families (including eligible single persons)

  • The PHA helps families pay thier rent and utilities (based on household composition, income, and allowable deductions)
  • The family may select their own housing unit including outside of high poverty and minority areas
  • Under assistance the landlord may not terminate the lease during the first year except due to family lease violations
  • The PHA inspects the unit initially, annually, and upon the interim request to assure the landlord compliance of required standards

    The PHA Strongly Recommends that Landlords Check References before renting to Any Prospective Tenant!

    However, under Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, it is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in the rental of housing or in the advertising of rental housing. Block busting is also illegal.

    Benefits for Landlords

  • Landlords may list their vacancies with the PHA under no obligation, and the listings are offered to families looking for housing
  • Tenant selection rests with the landlord
  • The landlord sets the amount of the security deposit
  • The PHA video-tapes the condition of the unit prior to any assisted lease-up
  • Under assistance the landlord still manages their own rental unit and has all the legal rights they would otherwise have (such as eviction)
  • Rent is due on the first day of each month with a 5-day grace period
  • Monthly assistance payments are mailed directly to the landlord
  • The family is required to pay their share of rent on time, live in the unit for at least one year, and otherwise comply with the lease or they can lose the program (a helpful incentive!)
  • The PHA may increase subsidy or pay full rent and help the family pay their utilities if the family encounters a loss of income or has no income
  • The PHA inspects the unit annually and upon interim request to assure family compliance of requirements
  • The PHA will video-tape damage to the unit when the family vacates if requested
  • Download the Housing Choice Voucher Application

    Housing Choice Voucher assistance is administered throughout Pocatello and Chubbuck by the Housing Authority of Pocatello
    711 N. 6th Ave.
    Pocatello, ID 83205-4161
    Phone (208) 233-6276


    (208) 233-6276

    Office: 711 N. 6th Ave.

    Business Hours:
    9:00am - 3:30pm
    Mon. - Fri.
    (except Holidays)